You signed up for the gig!!!

14 Apr

Don’t you just despise people who complain nonstop about the demands of something they have to do?  I’m a teacher, so of course I hear complaints day in and day out about curriculum, and especially student’s behavior.  The other day, a substitute at the school (subbing for maternity leave) complained about having to come back to school that night for open house.  You signed up for the gig you knew what it would entail.  Then when we were doing the Easter egg hunt, she fakes sick and gets a sub in her place, and I have to deal with her kids as well as mine, during a Math Easter Egg Hunt, because of course the sub’s sub isn’t good with activities such as these…But nevertheless, I love my job, and I’m not complaining, we had a blast hunting for eggs and solving the problems!

Just a little of The Truth…

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